Dr. Bava runs a Relational Play Lab for the Mercy College students to experience applied research in relational practices for an inclusive world.




The mission of the lab is to explore and implement relational play as a generative creative resource for a sense of belonging among individuals, couples, and within organizations. Relational play is the relationally creative process of trial and error by which we co-create the self, the other, and the world around us. Our inquiry is focused on exploring and expanding our understanding of these everyday already occurring experimental processes of relating for inclusion within the context of coupling, leading, team building, teaching, and researching.




The lab is an engaged, fun learning space where you are exposed to a wider context in the application of systemic practices. Not only do you get an insider look at how theory, practice, and research are integrated but you are making it happen! You will develop your voice, writing, and creative capacities that will round off your therapy training. In exchange, you are helping grow the reach of relational practices to different contexts.



In addition to awakening and growing your creative self and feeling its waves in your life, you will add value for your future employment. A huge plus for those interested in applying for a doctoral program.


Time Commitment

You get to pick with a minimum requirement of 4 hours per week (includes meeting time). We do ask you to commit for a semester.

Learn more by visiting the resources on site. Visit jo͞oˈɡäd, the Lab’s publication on Medium. Interested in joining the lab?

Email Dr. Bava at to engage, learn, and make a difference!

The lab has helped me to not only expand my area of comfort in the things I thought I could accomplish but also provided me a new lens to look at the world and therapy as I go into my first experience of seeing clients face to face.

Roua Eltayeib


The lab gave me the space to think critically as a student, research historically as a human being what has been going on, and respond actively as a therapist in my field. Nothing was off the table in this lab, and everything was up for a discussion. 

Somer Saleh