RA Orientation

Welcome to the PlayLab! To orient yourself to the lab please complete the following tasks:

  1. Create a profile for yourself (specifics at our meeting)
  2. View the video & read the articles below
  3. Set-up a meeting schedule

Please read the following material to orient yourself to our views of research, play/performance & context of the Lab’s focus. You will also be oriented to my (Saliha) own location & positionality. As you read, I invite you to reflect on your own location and knowledge (received & lived experiences) and be curious & critical. Raise questions & bring them to our meetings/discussions. The PlayLab is, after all, a learning space; a way of being in the world!

What is Relational Play?

Watch this 11:29 min video where Saliha talks about the relational play (the focus of her current scholarship):


* Asterisked Articles are a must read to get you situated for our work together.

Orienting to PlayLab’s Views & Practices of Research:

  1. Performance Methodology
  2. Research as Future Forming*
  3. Collaborative Approach to Research
  4. Research as Learning by Engaging Emergence*
  5. What is dialogical research?

Orienting to the PlayLab’s (Dr. Bava’s) Views of Performance & Play:

The following articles illustrate the application of performance,  “play-oriented” perspective  & collaborative practices, which are foundational to our lab work. As you will notice, it has been applied across contexts (read based on your interest & the project’s relevancy)

  1. leadership in disaster response
  2. couples therapy
  3. clinical supervision
  4. research methodology (same as #1 above)
  5. research supervision

Locating Dr. Bava & Her Scholarly Activism:-)

  1. Hyperlink Identity*
  2. Locating Play*