Play, Improv & Emergence in Dialogic Processes


Creativity does not only lead to societal progress through notable inventions and discoveries, it does so also (if not primarily) by changing the way people relate to the world, to others, and to themselves, making them more flexible, more open to the new and, at least in principle, to differences in perspective. – Montuori, et al 2019


Adopting a socio-cultural approach to relationships, I’m interested in studying the improvisational process of relating and community emergence within teaching/training/designing contexts across settings (educational, workshops, organizational etc) (see figure).  How do people engage in play/improvisation within the context of dialog or dialogic inquiry? I define dialogic inquiry as the process in which people learn from each other and co-construct knowledge/processes/ practices/products while co-creating their community/team and ways of going on together. I will inquire into the taken-for-granted nature of the improvisational process of relating.