Dr. Bava offers the following workshops to expand our creative and generative potential. The workshop is based on relational play© methodology developed by Dr. Bava.


Playing For Keeps: Engaging the Power of Play in Couple Relationships

Most couple relationships begin with a lot of play. In play we engage the multiple ways to perform our identity and relationships. Often play is one of the first things to go when couples find themselves in a tough spot. What we need when situations get serious, paradoxically, is play.

But what is play? How do couples play?  How do we take play beyond a technique and make it a central intention in our lives? We will explore how to develop play as a presence and as a creative activity.


Play for Therapists

How do you play as a couple’s therapist? What’s your play map? How might you increase your creative potential as a therapist? Join us and experience a difference in your practice with couples (and maybe in your own life!) Come let’s play!


Engaging Play to Dance with Uncertainty and Change

Becoming a change-maker is an invitation to engage with the unknown and differences which might increase one’s sense of uncertainty. Successful relationships dance with differences and stay flexible in the face of the unknown. Play is a powerful tool to engage change and uncertainty. In this experiential workshop, we will explore “what is play” and useful, creative ways for problem-solving and growth. We will use play to explore our relationship with uncertainty and learn transferable skills to personal and professional lives. The workshop draws on the fields of human development, performance studies, and improvisation.


Collaboration at Work: Playing and Engaging with Uncertainty and Not-Knowing

Play is central to relational and collaborative practices. This experiential workshop will explore useful ways of being that helps cultivate your and your client’s playfulness for problem-dissolving and transformation. We will explore the notion of “conversation” and “curiosity” as “play” in organizations.  And how might we engage the emergent while being present to “not-knowing.” This workshop draws on the fields of systems thinking, performance studies, complexity science, and improvisation to explore frameworks for thinking and practice with relational play©.


Masculinity in Play or Gender Play

Gender fluidity is the sign of our times.  While gender equality is a call for action in our public life, we are yet to see it as a public face.  As gender roles shift in our private lives and more men move into what were traditionally feminine spaces, men and women have lots of questions. How do you perform masculinity?  How do you perform feminity? How might we move past the language that is binary making and be more inclusive? These and more questions invite us into gender play, a space to explore our views with each other even as we play with the shifting norms.


Dr. Bava’s workshops are customizable. She was worked in several contexts and all over the world. With Dr. Bava, you get not only her expertise and experience but also the unique methodology that she has designed based on 20+years of research and consulting.  Contact us  if you wish to host a play/workshop or to learn more.