Playfulness: Proyer’s (2015) OLIW: other-directed, lighthearted, intellectual, whimsical

Proyer’s new structural model of playfulness consists of four facets:

  1. Other-directed (O)
    • enjoying to play with others;
    • using ones playfulness to make social relations more interesting or to loosen up tense situations with others;
    • enjoying good-heartedly teasing;
  2. Lighthearted (L)
    • Seeing life as a game and not worrying too much about the future consequences of one’s own behavior;
    • liking to improvise;
    • reserving time in the daily routine for play);
  3. Intellectual (I)
    • liking to play with ideas and thoughts;
    • liking to think about and solving problems;
    • thinking about and trying different solutions for a problem; preferring complexity over simplicity; and
  4. Whimsical (W)
    • finding amusement in grotesque and strange situations;
    • having the reputation of liking odd things or activities;
    • finding it easy to find something amusing for oneself and/or others in everyday life situations and interactions.

René Proyer

Photo: Maike Glöckner